Visa Assistance

Applying for a student visa can be very complicated. But we at Study Abroad – MENTOR help to streamline the entire process and we are proud to inform you that almost 99% of our students succeed in getting a visa. We provide assistance with filling up applications, a compilation of financial statements and conduct mock interviews for our students.

Though the process of applying for a student visa is very complex, with years of expertise behind us we make the experience of getting the visa a cakewalk for our students. Moreover, certain countries have a paper-based system for applying for student visa whereas a few other countries follow an online-system of application. We have expertise in navigating through both types of processes. Our counsellors diligently assist the students in drafting a study plan as per the requirement of certain consulates.

Consulates also keep updating us about the latest rules and the documentation necessary for obtaining a student visa. We offer Visa-related guidance free of cost to all students of Study Abroad – MENTOR regardless of the destination country.

Pre-Departure Guidance

Going overseas can prove to be both rewarding as well as challenging at the same time. We at Study Abroad – MENTOR organize a pre-departure event to inform and prepare our students in advance and make their entry easier into a new country.


At this event, students get introduced to the different facets of student life that the students are likely to experience in their new country. This event also gives our students an opportunity to interact and meet other students and their parents who are going to study in the same university/city overseas.


At the same meet, our students have the opportunity to meet vendors of value added services such as insurance, foreign exchange, travel, mobile sim etc. We also get students who are currently enrolled in universities abroad or who have recently completed their academic programs overseas, to share their experiences first hand on how to adapt to a new culture and surroundings.

Travel Assistance

It is important to be well prepared for travelling abroad. We help our students to choose the most economical route and book a flight well in advance. We at Study Abroad – MENTOR are well aware of the difficulties that students who are going to travel alone to study abroad are likely to face.


We tailor our help not only in getting admissions overseas but in every step the student takes right from receipt of the offer letter to booking accommodation.
We also offer our guidance on flight bookings in advance to come up with an ideal date for departure, the correct route to take and how to avail of the best discounts. Our counsellors keep themselves updated with regards to special baggage schemes offered for students by several International airlines and appropriately keep you informed so that you can select the correct airline and reap the benefits.