Admission Guidance

Because of the wide range of academic choices available at different destinations, universities, and courses all across the world, making the right decision can be difficult.

Study Abroad – MENTOR is connected with more than 650+ reputed universities and colleges from over 40+ countries of the world. We are proud to represent universities from the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland, France, Germany, Dubai, Switzerland, Malaysia, and many more. 

Our healthy relationship with such a large number of universities/institutions increases the chances of our students getting admitted because we know what institutions are looking for in good and complete applications. 

Institutes on their part are happy to deal with Study Abroad – MENTOR because they are sure of getting relevant and complete applications. These institutions, therefore, make it a priority to respond to applications routed through us.


The process may not be as simple as it looks as there are several areas of concern that need to be addressed and formalities that have to be completed. The following is a list of steps that we follow in order to increase the prospects of our students getting admitted to the university/institution of their choice.

We at Study Abroad - MENTOR leave no stone unturned to understand the student’s needs. The process begins with the allocation of a personal counsellor, who has complete knowledge about the courses offered at different universities, to every student. We tailor our packages to meet individual requirements. 

Our counsellors will assist individual students to achieve their goals keeping in perspective their academic achievements, family background, and vocation objectives. Every counsellor at Study Abroad - MENTOR strives to maximize each student’s chances of getting admitted to the best course and institution depending on his/her profile. 

Choosing the right course to pursue is of utmost importance when opting to study abroad. Our counsellors will help the student to shortlist an academic program based on his/her personal/academic/financial profile from among the different universities that we represent.

Selecting the right course/program is crucial to the success of the student. Using their profound knowledge and wide experience, our counsellors will save you time and money and get you admitted to the right university after an in-depth review of your needs.

Our counsellors will identify universities and courses after carefully scrutinizing the student’s caliber and needs. Our counsellors will shortlist a number of universities/institutions based on the student’s profile.

Students will have the opportunity to finalize the institution after consulting their parents and friends. Choosing the correct course, country and institution are decisions that are immensely important in your life and our counsellors will ensure that you don’t make the wrong choice.

Our counsellors have detailed knowledge about the admissions processes at different universities in different countries and can provide full assistance to the student to connect with the institution they plan to enroll at.

We assist students with preparation for international standardized tests that help to evaluate a student’s aptitude. We provide coaching to students for IELTS and PTE.

Our faculties provide personalized attention to every student and clarify every aspect and information about both tests. The faculties also assist in communicating the test scores to the target institutions. The courseware that we follow is of international quality with the faculties administering tests to the students on a regular basis.

Providing the best results is a top priority at Study Abroad - MENTOR. Therefore, every application is processed and reviewed thoroughly to eliminate any errors. Every application is paid special attention to by highlighting those areas that are important for a well-presented, error-free application.

We correct all major or minor flaws in the application and give proper feedback to the student. We see to it that all the documents are properly compiled and attested. The documents have to be sealed and addressed carefully. 

Our counsellors always stay in touch with the students and keep them updated about the status of their applications. Our counsellors will analyze the documents once you have identified the universities you want to apply to. Most colleges and universities have their own specific requirement of documents for completing the application process. Following these guidelines ensures greater success and a faster response.

Our counsellors also handle different aspects of the application such as essays, statement of purpose, grammar, tone, structure content, letter of recommendation and make all efforts to ensure that the student gets admitted to the desired university. 

A properly compiled application is crucial to get a speedy and positive response. Many times, the institution staff confidentially asks us for our views about a certain application in order to ensure a proper match. 

We don’t take any application lightly regardless of whether it is paper-based or online. It is important to inspect the final application before it is sent to the desired university/institution. 

A student and his counsellor jointly inspect an application before sending it to the university to ensure that it is presented properly and without any errors. Students are allowed to draft their own applications but our counsellors review their work and give suggestions for improvement. 

In selective cases, we also attach our personalized assessment/recommendation to institutions highlighting the student’s strengths and how he/she can be a suitable match for a particular program/course of study. 

We also help you to prepare answers to questions universities are in all probability going to ask. These are mock interview sessions that are conducted by specialists who have knowledge about the type of questions universities usually ask students at the time of admission.

Universities regularly visit our offices and meet prospective students so do visit our website to know who is going to visit. Many times during these visits, these university officials offer spot assessments, spot offers, and application fee-waivers as well. Bright students can avail such opportunities to boost their chances of securing a scholarship. 

Many of our students have succeeded in bagging scholarships based on their profiles and the quality of their applications.

We offer free visa guidance at Study Abroad - MENTOR for all countries. We receive advice from various consulates about the latest changes in Visa documentation and rules. We offer special services in the form of a ‘mock visa interview’ wherein our visa counsellors share their wisdom about frequently asked questions with the students.

At the end of the mock visa interview, the counsellors inform students about dos and don’ts during the real interview. We assist you through the entire Visa process such as filing the application, and preparation of financial statements to avoid any rejection or delays.

What students and parents really appreciate is that these services are offered promptly, professionally, and completely free of cost. Education abroad is not cheap so decide carefully and wisely.