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What is AAA Assessment?

Attitude, Aptitude, & Aspirations, abbreviated as AAA, is India’s first “AAA Assessment”, specially made for aspirants who wish to go abroad.

Our Triple-A Assessment is a unique analysis based on a proven scientific method for selecting the right path for their successful career.

If you are unsure about which course, university, country to choose for your further studies, then AAA Assessment helps you to take your decision rationally.

Why Should You Opt for AAA Assessment?

There are 10 major countries around the globe where Indian students go for higher studies!

A survey conducted on such students revealed, 43% of students going abroad fail to get their desired career goal because a proper Triple-A assessment was not done to define a concrete pathway for their study abroad plan. But why does this happen? Taking a decision to study abroad without analyzing the following questions will increase the chances of you making a wrong decision!

This assessment helps you to find the answers to the following doubts

  • Am I really eligible for studying abroad?
  • How to give a Logical Progression as per my current Academic Profile?
  • Which would be the Best Country for studying abroad as per my Budget and Career goals?
  • A world leader in pharmaceuticals, aerospace, biotechnology, telecommunication
  • Is my behavior and learning ability adaptable to my study abroad requirements?

Benefits of AAA Assessment

  • The AAA Assessment is absolutely FREE of cost
  • It helps in identifying the most suitable Study Program, College, and Country
  • Students with this Assessment have 83% more chances of getting Admission abroad and Visa
  • Solves all of your career-related doubts for higher studies
  • Helps you make the decision for your brighter career without wasting your time or money

3 Steps Process of AAA Assessment

With the three simple steps of this assessment, you get complete clarity on your decision of studying abroad.

Exclusive AAA Questionnaire

A brief questionnaire which will have questions to assess your overall profile on a qualitative basis

Advanced AAA Assessment

On basis of your answers in the questionnaire, a proper analysis will be performed considering all the factors of the decision-making process.

One-to-One Career Roadmap session

The advanced AAA assessment will be showing the sync of all the major factors, which will help you with a sure shot clarity on your abroad career selection

Get Your AAA Assessment Done

So now, the million dollar question is, how can you get your AAA Assessment done?

Voila! You can get this assessment done right at StudyAbroadMentor, that too for Free. Get your free pass now and begin with your journey of finding the perfect study opportunity to study abroad.